About Us

The goal of Solid Rock Products is to offer the guitar markets something really unique: gemstone picks. We have many, many different gems from which to choose. Why is acquiring a stone pick so exciting? Stone picks allow you to produce the extremes in guitar tones, from a quick, sharp attack to a rich mellow sound - and everything in between. Just check out “What Affects Tones.” It’s fun to experiment!

Picks begin their shape from small and large chunks of rocks and minerals found in digs all over the US and points around the globe. These gemstones are cut, ground, tumbled, beveled, and polished to achieve the ultimate finished product. Usually an 8 to 10 day process if all goes well.

Solid Rock Products will never sell refurbished or so-called “blemished” picks. We work too hard to put anything but our best efforts into the market place. Throughout the process of producing only the best possible product, less than perfect picks are culled and discarded.

We can’t take the credit for making the stone in stone picks. But we’re very proud to share with you the end result of hard work, patience, and artistry that make up our gemstone picks. At Solid Rock Products, we never stop appreciating the beauty of earth’s treasures made available to you as a musical accessory!

Once you’ve tried stone picks from Solid Rock Products, we’re sure they will be among your favorite pick choices. And you’ll never wear them out! Try a gemstone pick today -- you won’t be disappointed!

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