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HS9111 Brazilian Agate HS9111 Brazilian Agate
HS9124 Brazilian Agate HS9124 Brazilian Agate
HS9121 Red Jasper HS9121 Red Jasper
HS9115 Brazilian Agate HS9115 Brazilian Agate
HS9110 Blue Jasper HS9110 Blue Jasper
HS9122 Brazilian Agate HS9122 Brazilian Agate
HS9126 Red Jasper HS9126 Red Jasper
HS9103 Royal Savannah Jasper HS9103 Royal Savannah Jasper
HS9113 Royal Savannah Jasper HS9113 Royal Savannah Jasper
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1 x HS9111 Brazilian Agate
1 x HS9124 Brazilian Agate
1 x HS9121 Red Jasper
1 x HS9115 Brazilian Agate
1 x HS9110 Blue Jasper
1 x HS9122 Brazilian Agate
1 x HS9126 Red Jasper
1 x HS9103 Royal Savannah Jasper
1 x HS9113 Royal Savannah Jasper
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Introducing Dirk and Phil
From time to time as you tour through our website, you will get a glimpse of the earliest years of stone pick production.

Interestingly enough… guitars were present.
Many players underestimate just how much their choice of pick affects their tone. Thousands of stone picks in stock...many gemstones to choose.

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