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Our gift certificates make great presents for the guitar player in your life. Allow them the excitement of choosing their own gemstone picks.

Just fill in the fields on the next page. After payment is made, PayPal will send you a redemption code...and your gift is complete!

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  Solid Rock Gift Certificate

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2 x JZ27014 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ38005 Snake River Agate
3 x JZ25032 Montana Agate
2 x JZ14109 Bloodstone
2 x JZ38012 Snake River Agate
1 x JZ7130 Green Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ25035 Montana Agate
1 x JZ37016 Lavender Agate
1 x JZ3116 Blue Jasper
1 x JZ15102 Green Jasper
1 x JZ25046 Montana Agate
2 x JZ15108 Green Jasper
1 x JZ8278 Red Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ27011 Australian Black Jade
1 x TD5200 Olive New Jade
1 x JZ22019 Polka Dot Agate
1 x JZ39024 Red & Black Brazilian
1 x JZ46019 Ocean Jasper
2 x JZ29023 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
2 x JZ29019 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
1 x JZ44025 Smuggler's Moss Agate
2 x JZ3117 Blue Jasper
1 x JZ45014 St. Johns Flower Agate
2 x JZ31009 Black Brazilian Agate
2 x JZ44021 Smuggler's Moss Agate
1 x JZ17142 Quartz Crystal
1 x TD37038 Lavender Agate
1 x JZ27010 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ18127 Petrified Wood
1 x TD37034 Lavender Agate
1 x JZ25022 Montana Agate
1 x JZ1102 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ17122 Quartz Crystal
2 x JZ25048 Montana Agate
1 x JZ33011 Wild Horse Jasper
1 x JZ21016 Butterscotch Jasper
1 x JZ7121 Green Brazilian Agate
2 x JZ15111 Green Jasper
1 x JZ7131 Green Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ27141 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ3111 Blue Jasper
1 x JZ38011 Snake River Agate
1 x TD37057 Lavender Agate
1 x JZ25040 Montana Agate
1 x JZ24006 Australian (Mookaite) Jasper
1 x JZ27224 Australian Black Jade
1 x TD37035 Lavender Agate
2 x JZ29032 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
2 x JZ15124 Green Jasper
1 x JZ37001 Lavender Agate
1 x JZ7107 Green Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ27022 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ32007 Red Amazon Agate
2 x JZ3129 Blue Jasper
1 x JZ27194 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ44004 Smuggler's Moss Agate
1 x JZ12104 Mexican Coconut
1 x JZ23018 Blackskin Agate
1 x JZ29014 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
1 x JZ38010 Snake River Agate
1 x JZ29020 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
1 x JZ24005 Australian (Mookaite) Jasper
1 x JZ41009 Green Tree Agate
1 x JZ7114 Green Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ27210 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ21003 Butterscotch Jasper
1 x JZ12122 Mexican Coconut
1 x JZ15127 Green Jasper
1 x JZ3105 Blue Jasper
3 x JZ27013 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ27216 Australian Black Jade
1 x TD37026 Lavender Agate
2 x JZ1101 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ41022 Green Tree Agate
1 x JZ32018 Red Amazon Agate
2 x JZ15113 Green Jasper
1 x JZ17147 Quartz Crystal
1 x JZ25015 Montana Agate
1 x JZ24002 Australian (Mookaite) Jasper
2 x JZ3101 Blue Jasper
1 x JZ18112 Petrified Wood
2 x JZ3102 Blue Jasper
1 x JZ25052 Montana Agate
1 x JZ17105 Quartz Crystal
2 x JZ3121 Blue Jasper
1 x JZ44009 Smuggler's Moss Agate
1 x JZ1235 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ1335 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ27017 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ7126 Green Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ38003 Snake River Agate
2 x JZ46010 Ocean Jasper
1 x JZ4121 Mexican Crazy Lace Agate
1 x JZ25025 Montana Agate
2 x JZ22023 Polka Dot Agate
1 x JZ32023 Red Amazon Agate
1 x TD37058 Lavender Agate
2 x JZ33003 Wild Horse Jasper
2 x JZ3132 Blue Jasper
1 x JZ27007 Australian Black Jade
3 x JZ14116 Bloodstone
1 x JZ3123 Blue Jasper
1 x JZ21014 Butterscotch Jasper
1 x TD2164 Royal Savannah Jasper
1 x JZ29005 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
1 x JZ1112 Brazilian Agate
1 x TD37050 Lavender Agate
1 x JZ3131 Blue Jasper
1 x JZ42015 Green Moss Agate
1 x JZ12101 Mexican Coconut
1 x JZ37010 Lavender Agate
1 x JZ27139 Australian Black Jade
2 x JZ24009 Australian (Mookaite) Jasper
1 x JZ37019 Lavender Agate
1 x JZ25039 Montana Agate
1 x JZ3110 Blue Jasper
1 x JZ1318 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ45007 St. Johns Flower Agate
1 x JZ41006 Green Tree Agate
2 x JZ1124 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ26009 Uruguay Agate
1 x JZ1331 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ29030 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
1 x TD2184 Royal Savannah Jasper
1 x JZ1120 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ17151 Quartz Crystal
2 x JZ18107 Petrified Wood
3 x JZ39021 Red & Black Brazilian
1 x JZ37014 Lavender Agate
1 x JZ15123 Green Jasper
2 x JZ45010 St. Johns Flower Agate
1 x TD2211 Royal Savannah Jasper
1 x JZ18106 Petrified Wood
1 x JZ12106 Mexican Coconut
1 x JZ24003 Australian (Mookaite) Jasper
1 x JZ21009 Butterscotch Jasper
1 x JZ44024 Smuggler's Moss Agate
1 x JZ27213 Australian Black Jade
1 x TD37045 Lavender Agate
3 x JZ33025 Wild Horse Jasper
1 x JZ41023 Green Tree Agate
1 x TD2151 Royal Savannah Jasper
1 x JZ27143 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ17148 Quartz Crystal
1 x JZ12116 Mexican Coconut
1 x JZ39022 Red & Black Brazilian
1 x JZ45013 St. Johns Flower Agate
1 x JZ27018 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ1103 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ18123 Petrified Wood
1 x JZ15115 Green Jasper
1 x JZ30019 Mozarkite Jasper
1 x JZ14112 Bloodstone
1 x JZ24010 Australian (Mookaite) Jasper
1 x JZ30009 Mozarkite Jasper
1 x JZ22002 Polka Dot Agate
1 x JZ14118 Bloodstone
1 x JZ18118 Petrified Wood
1 x JZ46012 Ocean Jasper
1 x JZ30001 Mozarkite Jasper
1 x JZ1111 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ15118 Green Jasper
1 x JZ29001 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
1 x JZ18119 Petrified Wood
2 x JZ30006 Mozarkite Jasper
1 x JZ30013 Mozarkite Jasper
1 x JZ27006 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ22004 Polka Dot Agate
2 x JZ30002 Mozarkite Jasper
1 x JZ14101 Bloodstone
2 x JZ30003 Mozarkite Jasper
2 x JZ30012 Mozarkite Jasper
1 x JZ29033 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
1 x JZ27012 Australian Black Jade
2 x JZ30021 Mozarkite Jasper
1 x JZ33013 Wild Horse Jasper
2 x JZ46015 Ocean Jasper
1 x JZ15117 Green Jasper
1 x JZ27021 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ33008 Wild Horse Jasper
1 x JZ22032 Polka Dot Agate
1 x JZ22011 Polka Dot Agate
1 x JZ18110 Petrified Wood
1 x JZ14119 Bloodstone
1 x JZ1107 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ29031 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
1 x JZ30020 Mozarkite Jasper
1 x JZ22021 Polka Dot Agate
1 x JZ14114 Bloodstone
1 x JZ22026 Polka Dot Agate
1 x JZ29027 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
1 x JZ27004 Australian Black Jade
2 x JZ46008 Ocean Jasper
1 x JZ30024 Mozarkite Jasper
1 x JZ46014 Ocean Jasper
1 x JZ15101 Green Jasper
1 x JZ27001 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ18101 Petrified Wood
1 x JZ33022 Wild Horse Jasper
1 x JZ27020 Australian Black Jade
1 x JZ33014 Wild Horse Jasper
1 x JZ24014 Australian (Mookaite) Jasper
1 x JZ46011 Ocean Jasper
1 x JZ31003 Black Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ38001 Snake River Agate
1 x JZ6108 Dalmatian Jasper
1 x JZ14120 Bloodstone
1 x JZ15126 Green Jasper
1 x JZ4107 Mexican Crazy Lace Agate
1 x JZ16106 Red Jasper
1 x JZ1311 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ42010 Green Moss Agate
1 x JZ1283 Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ45002 St. Johns Flower Agate
1 x JZ4112 Mexican Crazy Lace Agate
1 x JZ38020 Snake River Agate
1 x JZ12115 Mexican Coconut
1 x JZ14115 Bloodstone
1 x JZ39029 Red & Black Brazilian
1 x JZ39008 Red & Black Brazilian
1 x JZ32021 Red Amazon Agate
1 x TR29045 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
1 x JZ45003 St. Johns Flower Agate
1 x TD3214 Blue Jasper
1 x JZ14102 Bloodstone
1 x JZ38018 Snake River Agate
1 x JZ15107 Green Jasper
1 x JZ43018 Orange Swiral Jasper
1 x JZ31020 Black Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ45004 St. Johns Flower Agate
1 x JZ40015 Cave Creek Red Jasper
1 x JZ27160 Australian Black Jade
1 x TR29044 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
1 x JZ42007 Green Moss Agate
1 x JZ6112 Dalmatian Jasper
1 x JZ31012 Black Brazilian Agate
1 x JZ12102 Mexican Coconut
1 x JZ44015 Smuggler's Moss Agate
1 x JZ32024 Red Amazon Agate
1 x JZ39004 Red & Black Brazilian
1 x JZ37021 Lavender Agate
1 x JZ42021 Green Moss Agate
1 x TA17190 Quartz Crystal
1 x JZ40013 Cave Creek Red Jasper
1 x JZ46020 Ocean Jasper
1 x JZ15105 Green Jasper
1 x JZ45026 St. Johns Flowers Agate
1 x TR29029 Golden-Blue Tiger Eye
1 x JZ44013 Smuggler's Moss Agate
1 x JZ44022 Smuggler's Moss Agate
Our Specials
Introducing Dirk and Phil
From time to time as you tour through our website, you will get a glimpse of the earliest years of stone pick production.

Interestingly enough… guitars were present.
Many players underestimate just how much their choice of pick affects their tone. Thousands of stone picks in stock...many gemstones to choose.

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